FDK Design is an award-winning interior design studio based in San Diego.  We offer a full range of interior design services that take you from the initial concept to the final touches. 

We love to plan for whole house remodels, and have a specialty in the hardworking areas of kitchens and baths. Our super power is space planning. We can help you bring out your home’s best self.

We serve clients who understand that designing a home requires creativity, knowledge, and experience, and are ready to invest in their vision.  They are busy individuals who trust that hiring a design professional will save them valuable time, provide clarity of direction for their project, and curate selections in a world where there are many choices. 

FDK Design has completed projects from San Diego to Boston.  We are happy to take on your project, wherever it may be. 


"Working with Fiona felt as if we were working with a true artist, a visionary with passion for her craft! She has a phenomenal talent for the use of space and gave us some stylish, yet functional ideas....She's patient, observant and a phenomenal listener.....We felt that she truly "Got Us" and could really speak our language. " - Miguel C.


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