Del Sur Customization

Sometimes a home is in wonderful condition and is relatively new, but it does not suit the personality of the owner.  It doesn't warrant tearing everything out and starting what can be done?

With some careful thought and planning, a redesign can make the most of what exists and add details to create a unique and customized bathroom that has plenty of charm.

This master suite had a long vanity with the standard mirrors and light fixtures above.  The cabinets were dark and uninteresting so they were painted white. Counter top,  sinks and floor tile were replaced.  By adding new light fixtures, a beautiful marble backsplash,  custom mirrors and millwork, this room was transformed.

A storage niche off the master was turned into a space to house the toilet.  The upper cabinets remain in place: modified and painted leaving plenty of storage for essentials.

The old WC now becomes a pool bathroom. A door, saved from another project,  conveniently opens to the swimming pool (no more wet feet trekking over the wood floors of the home). An entire wall of brick tile conveys an indoor-outdoor, playful tone.

By adjusting the spaces and their uses, adding some updated materials and carefully considered details, these three rooms have a totally customized feel.