Award Winning Tiny Powder Room

National Kitchen and Bath Association's Best Powder Room Award - 2018

This was part of a whole home remodel. One of the clients’ challenge was that the home has to accommodate three children and a part-time live in nanny, but only had two full baths.  That meant that the children and nanny shared a bathroom with guests and visitors.

They were desperate for a powder room. There was no space in the living, dining and kitchen part of the home, but there was a piece that could be carved out of the back of the master bedroom where it bordered the family room. Stealing this small 3’ X 7 1/2’ space, we squeezed in a new powder room.

There was absolutely no room for a door swing, so we used a pocket door in the center of the long wall.  To the left of the door hangs a wall mounted vanity which can store supplies. As it floats off the floor and is lit below, the room feels more spacious. To the right is the toilet.

The clients knew the low horizontal lines of the home and some of its features were best suited to a mid-century modern look and loved that vibe, so we decided to go for it. We selected a slate-grey, large, floor tile with a lappato finish which gives it depth and sparkle.  The walls are a pale, warm grey that we used in the family room to establish continuity.  The teak cabinetry and white engineered stone counter top is clean, fresh and in keeping with the mid-century feel.

The whole back wall of the vanity elevation was tiled with a large format turquoise tile which has a bronze-gold overlaying print. The oval mirror fits well into the slim space and softens the linear elements.  The gold and chrome pendants pick up on tile highlights and are another space saving element.

All it needed was a few quirky, styling elements such as the bold art and the fun towel holder figures and the space was complete.  It is amazing how such a small space can do so much and still embody the fun spirit of this lively family.