About FDK Design

You are unique. Your home should reflect you......your personality, your lifestyle, and your dreams.  Your home should be the place that welcomes you, the place that rejuvenates you, the place that inspires you.  We can make that happen!

FDK Design is an award-winning interior design studio based in San Diego.  We offer a full range of interior design services that take you from the initial concept to the final touches. 

We love to plan for whole house remodels, and have a specialty in the hardworking areas of kitchens and baths. Our super power is space planning. We can help you bring out your home’s best self.

We serve clients who understand that designing a home requires creativity, knowledge, and experience, and are ready to invest in their vision.  They are busy individuals who trust that hiring a design professional will save them valuable time, provide clarity of direction for their project, and curate selections in a world where there are many choices. 

FDK Design has completed projects from San Diego to Boston.  We are happy to take on your project, wherever it may be. 


"Working with Fiona felt as if we were working with a true artist, a visionary with passion for her craft! She has a phenomenal talent for the use of space and gave us some stylish, yet functional ideas....She's patient, observant and a phenomenal listener.....We felt that she truly "Got Us" and could really speak our language. " - Miguel C.


About Fiona

Fiona Klerekoper launched FDK Design in 2006 with a vision of providing a personalized service that brings the beauty and harmony of great design into homeowners' lives. 

As a certified kitchen and bath designer, her business was initially focused on finding unique and creative solutions for design challenges in those key areas of the home.  Within a short space of time, building on relationships of trust and respect, those projects morphed into whole house renovations; beginning with the first seed of an idea.... all the way through arranging the flowers at the very end!  Today she is proud to work with many returning and referred clients. and excited about creating new client partnerships.

Growing up with an entrepreneur mother who specialized in soft furnishings for the design industry, Fiona understands the craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into making a project successful.  Her love of the historical homes of her native Ireland, and travels throughout Europe, have given her an sensitivity to space, scale, and proportion that she brings to her work.

Fiona's first career in education has equipped her with skills that clients say have been key to successful collaborations: listening, patience, and communication.

Her projects have received awards from the National Kitchen and Bath Association, San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyle magazine and Houzz.  Her work has been featured in San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyle magazine.

Fiona is an active member of the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) and values giving back to the community, particularly in the area of education. She has served as a panelist for design programs at community colleges and provided services to raise funds for local schools.

Fiona Klerekoper - Principal & Designer - Certified Associate Kitchen and Bath Designer (AKBD)

Fiona Klerekoper - Principal & Designer - Certified Associate Kitchen and Bath Designer (AKBD)

"I can't say enough about Fiona. She is simply the best there is. Her attention to EVERY detail, her contacts, her knowledge of materials, her easy-going nature...the list goes on and on. Fiona guides and educates you along the way giving you complete confidence. You end up with a finished product that far exceeds expectations. You will consult her on everything else you do long after your project is over. " - Stacy M.


About the Process

Phase 1 -  The Consultation 

The consultation launches a project effectively.  It involves getting to know you and exploring your tastes, lifestyle, and what inspires you. We discuss the scope of your project, how you intend to use each room, and your ideas and goals for each space. Following The Consultation, you will receive a design proposal for the next stage of your project. 

Phase 2 - Design, Research & Presentation 

A design concept is developed.  This includes the drafting of floor plans, elevations, and other necessary documents for construction and bidding.  It involves selecting color schemes, finishes, appliances, fixtures and fittings, furnishings, lighting etc......all of the major items needed to complete the design.  


Phase 3 - Administration/Execution 

This is the longest phase of the process and it encompasses some of the following tasks: job site visits to check in on the execution of design details, meetings and correspondence with contractors, subcontractors and vendors, preparing quotes and proposals for client approval, and placing, tracking, shipping and delivery of orders.

Phase 4 - Installation/Styling

This is when we get to see the design come to life.  Following construction, we coordinate the delivery and installation of your new furnishings, accessories and artwork.  Styling is what elevates your space and brings everything together - where we add those finishing touches that completes your beautiful new spaces.

"Fiona is a true professional. She is extremely detail oriented, which made our renovation even better than we expected. She anticipates hurdles and helps with maintaining a construction timeline. She communicated with our builder every step of the way, as well as calmly helped me through the stressful parts of our renovation." - Michelle K.


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